Short Mel Service

And now I'm @ blue train about to have eggs benedict and coffee. Best morning evz!

I'm on the Garden City bus! Even though I'm only going to work and not Garden City, it is the most exciting morning I've had in ages!

Someone has to unmask The Gossip as a lame fraud. They're being played @ this DJ night I'm at now.

The thing about DJing is the explosion of awesome when the crowd gets each track. I'm @ an indie night @ a Sydney pub.

Hey, remember that night we saw that dude who said his girlfriend cheated on him with his mate? I'm pretty sure I just saw the same guy with a smackie-looking chick, saying he needed cash for an epilepsy script.

There's a busking act in the Bourke St mall that reminds me of the Bulgarian act from Eurovision. Massive drums and shrieking over techno beats!